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Richard Bounds Reservation HA-WVPKY8

Richard Bounds Reservation HA-WVPKY8


As per our phone conversation, here is the invoice of the pro-rated charge. Once the payment is completed, I will go ahead and do a 100% cancelation on the VRBO system. You can use this are your receipt and your proof.

Since it will be a 100% cancelation on the VRBO system, I cannot do that first, as doing so would leave me no way to collect. I'm sure you can understand. If you distrust to pay through this method, that is no problem, let me know and we can just use VRBO instead.

Thank you for your kind understanding and I apologize for the unforeseen issue with the floor of the condo.

My cell phone: +1 858 598 7237.

Thank you!

William Alexander

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