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Weather in Playa del Carmen

Weather in playa del carmen

Check Weather in Playa del Carmen Now. Looking to get away from the nasty weather or simply looking to feel a tropical breeze? Playa Del Carmen might be the destination you’re seeking. Located just south of Cancun in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Playa Del Carmen sits alongside the Caribbean Sea. Most of the activities and events are outdoor or in an open space, welcoming the tropical weather to mix into the ambiance. But before packing your bags, be sure to know what to expect, as different periods of the year deliver different climate. Here are some Playa Del Carmen weather information you should know to determine which season is best for you.

Weather for February, March, April, May in Playa del Carmen

If you’re looking for the right weather to lay in the beach and relax, February up to May is the right time to visit. The weather starts to heat up in mid-February at a temperature averaging 20°C, 21°C in March, 23°C in April and a warm 25°C in May. As for the water temperature, it hasn’t caught up to the climate so it might feel a lot cooler than expected but remember that it will get hotter during summer, much hotter. In February and March, there is never more than 17mm of rain but as of April, rain becomes more and more present and almost on a daily basis by July.

For those who want to experience the city for what it is without feeling crowded by tourists, April and May are the best months to visit because it is right after Easter Weekend and spring break and it’s before the summer travel season. May also provides the longest daylight duration of 11 hours, giving you plenty of time to explore the area. Due to the high numbers of vacationers, March is the most expensive time to travel to Playa Del Carmen but it is also the time to meet new people whether local residents or travellers.

Weather in June, July, August for Playa del Carmen

With an averaging temperature of 36°C, these months are the hottest period to go to Playa Del Carmen, especially between mid-July to August. During these months, Playa is full of travellers. It is also a season with lots of rain but it never last long and it actually help cool things down considering the heat you’re facing through the day. Rainfall increase jumps to 173mm in June, 156mm in July, 164mm in August,

The sun can hit hard and it can heat up the sand so be sure to prepare yourself to face it with proper attire, sun block and some water if you’re going out for a 20 minute walk. The sea is calm and very warm during the night.

Weather in September, October, November for Playa del Carmen

This is also a great time to get relaxing Playa Del Carmen weather because the temperature is perfect, averaging at around 25°C to 31°C and things quiet down between the summer travel period and the winter vacations. The ocean is still hot from the summer heat but day time temperature drops. This is the time of the year that the weather conditions are extremely changeable, from clear sky, to dark clouds, then back to clear skies within short hours. Rainfalls drop to 173mm in September, and then dropping to 114mm in October and 107mm in November.

Between July and November is hurricane season but they are most common in September and October. So it is important to pay close attention to weather reports through online weather services during these months in order to get information on tropical storms.

Weather in December, January, February for Playa del Carmen

The coldest time of the year is from November to mid-February which is also a good time to enjoy the Playa Del Carmen weather if you don’t like heavy heat. During December the temperature cools down to 21°C and 19°C in January. The water is calm and swimming is great due to its mild temperature. This is the time of the year that has the least daylight duration but there is plenty of city light during night time.

Humidity and rain are at its lowest period of the year but if it does rain, it will cool down the temperature so at times you might need to wear a light jacket, or extra layers of clothes. This is a high season for a lot of North American and European tourists to escape the cold during Christmas break.

Packing information when visiting Playa del Carmen and Surrounding Areas

Hopefully this information will come in good use and help you plan to prevent any unwanted weather during your vacation. Remember to always check the weather network and pack accordingly. The weather plays a part of the trip but there is so much more to experience in this great city. So even if you find that the tropical Playa Del Carmen weather doesn’t suit your expectations, there is surely plenty of activities nearby that will keep your mind focused on enjoying yourself.