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Make the best out of your getaway renting a private property for less than a Hotel. Book best recommended activities, tours and attractions. Explore Real Estate investing for a high ROI in the fastest growing city of Latin America.

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Situated in the heart of Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen is one of the best resort cities in North America. For Americans and Europeans, it is the top destination for a beautiful getaway. A great element this city offers is, due to its growth in real estate, Playa del Carmen vacation rentals are available for all travelers.

Renting a vacation home is an idea that’s starting to pick up for group and single travelers. This option can be ideal for families. Rental homes is a great way to get more for less, which means more space, more privacy and more freedom for less money. And if you want to experience living like a local resident during your trip, than a vacation rental is your best bet. It will give you the chance to discover what it’s really like to live in Playa del Carmen.

Many travellers who stayed in Playa del Carmen vacation rentals agree that their decision came with great advantages. Whether you want to relax and enjoy the weather or want to promenade around the city, it is much easier to do so with a rental home. Here is why most people prefer to rent a house or a condo for their vacation instead of staying at a hotel.

Less expensive than a hotel
In Playa del Carmen, the cost per night has a big price gap between hotels and rental vacation rental homes. Here’s an example, the cost of a Playa del Carmen vacation rental can be as low as 49$ per night. In comparison, a hotel within the area offers suites accommodating up to 4 people, with two double or a king size bed, living room with a couch and cable, have a starting price of 250$ per night. There will be a great amount of money staying in your pocket, and that doesn’t count the extra money the rental home will allow you to save during your stay.

The only downside that you might like to consider is there won’t be any no room service, but at the end of your trip, you might come to the conclusion that the large amount money you’re saving is definitely worth making your own bed.

Your Very Own Kitchen
When saving for a trip it is important to consider having money for local restaurants to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, unless you are staying in a rental home. A great advantage about Playa del Carmen vacation rentals is you’ll have a kitchen to cook whenever you like and try out food when you’re hungry. This means your vacation home will have the basic kitchen necessities: stovetop, fridge, cupboards etc. This is a great way to save money during your trip. Also if you do choose to eat at a restaurant, you won’t have to worry about leftovers now that you can store it in a fridge and enjoy it later.

More Space, More Privacy
One of the top reason people choose to stay in a vacation home is because of the privacy it provides. If you’re traveling as a family with kids, especially teens, Playa del Carmen vacation rentals would be far more beneficial. For a group of friends who don’t want to feel crammed 400 square foot room. There’s enough walls for everyone to feel like they can have a moment on their own and enough space to comfortably do so.

A great advantage for Playa del Carmen vacation rentals is even the smallest condo would provide about 1000 square foot and would include a kitchen, eating room, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. As much as it provides space for privacy, this also provides a place for a group of people to comfortably enjoy their time together.

It Feels Like Home
Not only do Playa del Carmen travellers get to have these extra rooms in a rental home and get to cook their own food but they get cable television, internet access, parking space and bedrooms with either a single king size or a double bed. In addition, most rental homes offer washing machines and dryers, allowing you to pack less for the trip. Also most of them come with an outdoor grill and patio, sleeper sofa and a pool.

To Sum It Up
If you’re looking to travel and want to save a lot of money, or travelling in a group, or you’re having difficulties getting the hotel you want, try renting a home for the stay. Being able to prepare meals as a family, spend time together in the living room, and enjoy the outdoor space is something to experience with a Playa del Carmen vacation rental.