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Is Playa del Carmen Safe?

how safe is playa del carmen is playa del carmen safe playa del carmen safety safety in playa del carmen

When people are thinking about Mexico, everyone thinks that Mexico is a country of a criminal, war zone, that has the bad reputation and stuff like that, but just like anywhere there are areas to avoid. The goal of a beach vacation is to unwind, relax and recharge, but that does not mean abandoning common sense and throwing caution to the wind. There can be trouble even in paradise. Careful planning and preparation before heading to Playa del Carmen on the Rivera Maya can help avoid a vacation meltdown. Everywhere have that kind of illegal things. But most of Mexico is generally safe especially when we are talking about the place called “playa del Carmen” which is probably the safest city in whole Mexico.

How safe is the Beach in Playa del Carmen   

About the beach safety in playa del Carmen, you should know that you need always to heed warning flags which alert the visitors to undertows and jellyfish problems. Also, you should research for your dive operations online before your trips. Most important thing is that you need to keep an eye of your drink and never to walk alone on the beach. For a years ago, the topless sunbathing was a crime in Mexico, but the laws are not enforced these days in playa del Carmen, however, all women should be aware that provocative clothes or nudity might invite unwanted attention in every country.

how safe is playa del carmen

Playa del Carmen Safety in Restaurant food and Nightlife 

Playa del Carmen is a place with a melting pot of people from all around the world which is good for the food connoisseurs because you can find some amazing food in the area. If you want a delicious, authentic, cheap meal, then the restaurant El Fogon should be at the top of your list because that El Fogon is the best for that type of restaurants which have two locations and the restaurants are almost always filled with locals and a handful of tourists which is totally safe for staying and having a relaxed dinner with your family.

playa del carmen safety information and advice

The nightlife in playa del Carmen is absolutely safe. There are many places if you want to have a fun at night. The 5th Avenue is a perfect place to go if you want a bar hopping. A lot of restaurants and bars in playa del Carmen offer you a live music or you might have street performers approach your table. If you want to have a fun night you should probably visit “Senor-Frog’s” which is a favorite place for a people who are looking for a wild night. Also the “Wah Wah Beach Bar” is one of the good places for a party with a variety of music styles and different bands through the week.

is playa del carmen safe to visit for tourists?

Safety of Playa for your car and Exploring

If you are scared of stealing your car or something like that you can easily get around town on foot or by using the busses or taxis. The streets are on a grid, with the avenues parallel to the beach and the streets (Calles) running perpendicular. The Calles are numbered in twos and run the length of the city. There are a lot of safe busses that can help you to get around the town, there are two types of public transportations, the “Collections” which are smaller vans that run the main artery of the town and the larger buses which can take you to the outer areas of playa del Carmen, and the fares are not expensive,5 pesos per person for both. That way you should not take care of your car and relax while exploring playa del Carmen.

 So, if you decide to visit playa del Carmen, the place with the white beaches and crystal clear water, with a laid-back atmosphere, don’t wait, just go and let the place make your dreams come true.

Safe Transportation in Playa del Carmen

To make sure you are safe when transferring to and from the airport or going on tours, the best you can do is to always choose a reputable private transportation company. Specially if you are traveling with family and friends it will be a much more enjoyable experience. Grabbing transportation off the street is not recommended. As many of these vehicles and drivers are not licensed to operate and may not have proper insurance. Also, you can get overcharged. Specially when you get to the airport you will get dragged to the point that they will take your bags so you follow them to the van without even asking you questions. So make sure you have pre-arranged airport private transportation and private tours for your safety and best experience.

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  • JUlia cYnthia lEnt on

    I have lived in pdc for over 15 years and as a senior citizen I have always loved it and will remain here until I die. I feel more safe than I did in the USA And am happier. You left out a. Lot of stuff and especially in my case the wonderful taxi drivers. I have never had a problem and they treat me with respect and do notbovercharge. I allways sit in the front and chat with them and we have established a price before I get in the cab. How long have you lived here?

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