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Playa del Carmen Nightlife

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Playa del carmen Nightlife :-

Both on the beach and off, nightlife in Playa del Carmen is dominated by the town’s many clubs and bars. Whether you want to dance to house music, Cuban music, or something in-between, there’s a spot for you.

In Playa, your search for a lively club scene will start and end on 12th Street. The street is known for being the nighttime epicenter of Playa’s party scene, with so many popular stops that you’d be seriously rushed to try to visit all of them between 10pm and 6am— standard club hours in Playa.

reviews of best clubs and nightlife in playa del carmen

If you were to try, though, the eastern end of 12th Street wouldn’t be a bad place to start. The stretch of 12th St. between 1st St. and 1st Ave. alone offers four stops worth considering: Blue Parrot, La Vaquita Disco, Mandala, and Diabolito Cha Cha Cha. Where you stop depends, of course, on what you're looking for. 

diablito cha cha cha in playa del carmen mexico

Need to eat before you get your night started? Stop by Diablito Cha Cha Cha— you’ll get to enjoy their impressive menu and their bar scene without getting stuck with a cover charge.

Looking for a bit more of a party? Blue Parrot, Mandala, and La Vaquita might be more your speed.

blueparrot club

Of the three, Blue Parrot is the only one to offer beach access and an open-bar ticket. Partygoers have the option of paying a $150 peso cover or a $50 USD cover— which includes drinks. Regardless of what option you go with, there’s something going on seven days a week at Blue Parrot, from bikini contests on Wednesdays to foam parties on Sundays. And an added bonus: ladies get free drinks on Thursdays (just don’t forget your bikini!) and free entrance on Saturdays.

la vaquita reviews

Just up the street, La Vaquita draws an even wilder crowd. This is the spot to go for true spring-break style nightlife in Playa del Carmen, and it comes with a unique twist: the whole club is cow themed. Ladies in cow-horn headbands dance to all kinds of music— it ranges from Latin music to house music to reggae, depending on the night— next to the club’s signature cow mascot.

mandala in playa del carmen, mexico

And if the beach party and cow-themed craziness of its neighbors aren't enough, head next door, where a $10-20 cover— it varies depending on the night— will get you access to Mandala. One of the most popular clubs in Playa del Carmen, Mandala is the intimate Indian-inspired answer to La Vaquita’s spring break-style dancehall. Expect loud music, big crowds, and a long night. (Pro-tip: show up before midnight and they might let you in without a cover!)

cocobongo club

Wandering a few blocks further up 12th Street, you’ll come to Coco Bongo. Although it falls solidly in the “nightlife” category, this spot can be described as more of a show than a nightclub. Coco Bongo is an explosion of sounds, lights, and colors—think Las Vegas meets Mardi Gras. Tickets start at $65 USD and include unlimited domestic drinks, “express entrance,” and a night that is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

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