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Long Term Rentals in Playa del Carmen

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Long Term Rentals in Playa del Carmen :-

Whether you are staying for a few days, a few weeks or even a few months, condo rentals are the best way to stay in Playa del Carmen. Different from hotels in more ways that you can imagine, you can spend less, get more and be more integrated to the community and experience the true culture is this amazing city.

• Real Ibiza Condo

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• Mamitas Beach Condo

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best vacation rental condo in playa del carmen

First of all, we can tell you that the best places to stay in playa del Carmen for a long and short term are the condos. Vacation rentals give you more privacy and space than a hotel and they have a wide range of locations. So ,condos are usually located in well-developed neighborhoods which means that they are close to a lot of amenities like schools ,restaurants ,shopping centers ,hospitals and even tourist attractions.

Why we think the best places to stay in playa del Carmen are condos or apartments ?

Well almost everyone prefers vacation rentals condos or apartments because there you have much privacy than you have when you are staying in a hotel. In the apartments and condos, you have your own space to cook and relax ,also you can come and go when you like ,doesn’t matter what is the time.

Here you can see some of the benefits you have when you are staying at condos or apartments for a long term against staying at the hotel.

The lower cost

The cost of renting a Condo or apartment for a long term is much cheaper than a staying and paying per night in a hotel ,it means they are typically less expensive than a hotel, especially if you are staying for a long term. A long term condo against staying in a hotel may charge you a similar price for a month’s stay ,allowing to spend or save the money on other things.

The comforts

 You will have more space ,comfortable living rooms that will make you feel like you are at home and do whatever you want which is a huge benefit. It’s really better to have extra room to lounge and relax instead of staying in one room. When you are on vacation ,everyone wants to spread out like you are at home and be able to grab some bite when you want without getting dressed up ,also chilling on the couch. If we could take our home with us when we traveled ,that would be awesome. That is what the vacations rental gives you. Right ,home at another place !

Better location

You can choose a place of a condo or apartment where you wish ,but not also for the hotels who are often built in commercial zones and limits you to freeways and fast food chains. Staying in a private condo will access you to public parks ,unique shops and trendy restaurants that will give you a better sense of the personality of the city while you are there.

 Cooking at home

The ability of cooking at home is one of the best benefits when you are staying at condo or apartment against in a hotel. Having some breakfast at home can really help you to save some money which also can be used for having some trip in playa del Carmen. Well, of course, it’s fun to try some local restaurants when you are on vacation ,but that can really impact your budget.

Love your privacy

No one likes listening to the ruckus coming from the hotel room next door. A vacation rental gives you privacy from those paper-thin hotel room walls. Also when we are talking about condos the is less crowded because there is obviously fewer people, so there is much quiet ,instead of the hotel where are a lot of people going everywhere at the day. Also, the separate rooms for the kids which allow them to bring some friends and have a fun !

Bring your pets to vacation rentals

 Our pets are the part of the family ,why to leave them home when we are going on vacation ? There are a lot of condos and apartments which allow bringing your pet on vacation with you, instead of the hotels which don’t allow you to pick up your pet with you.

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  • Josette Vinet on

    Looking for a long term rental for my self staring now or 1st of May. For one year. I would like furnished studio, one bedroom or 2. No pets. Centro or Playa Car. My phone number is (984) 119 -7716 Thank you.

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